Gain 360-degree visibility and cover every angle

We have an extensive range of multi-channel cameras that can be combined to provide complete internal and external visibility of the vehicle for you and your driver. With front, driver, cargo, side and rear devices, you can ensure you are covered from all angles.

Multi-channel camera solutions

We can create multi-camera solutions for all types of transport operations, so you can protect your drivers from bogus or exaggerated claims, thefts and allegations of driving offences. At the same time, you can remove blind spots for the driver by combining the devices with an in-vehicle monitor.



The VT-C20-IPC is a compact, lightweight intelligent IP vehicle camera that is mounted directly on the windscreen to avoid any reflections and light interference from inside the vehicle, as well as prevent driver distraction.


The VT-228-AHD is a mini HD 720p vehicle camera. This versatile camera solution is suitable for both forward-and driver-facing applications, providing a wide angle view and supporting WDR for high- dynamic-range imaging.


A mini, ruggedised forward-facing vehicle camera that is discreetly mounted to the windscreen without obscuring the driver’s view. The VT-C20-MINI is particularly suitable for angled windscreens on cars, light vans and 4x4 pick-ups.



The VT-C6 is a compact driver-facing or passenger-facing camera that can be easily fitted anywhere internally within a vehicle. This full HD 1080p camera features digital WDR and IR nightvision for high-quality image capture whatever the light conditions.


The VT700-IR-AHD is an HD 720p dome camera with IR nightvision that can be mounted internally for any driver, passenger, cargo or load-facing application or externally as a rear-facing device.


The VT-C26-IPC is suitable for effective monitoring of the driver, passenger, load or cargo. This full HD 1080p camera includes digital WDR, auto white light compensation and gain control for high-quality image capture.


The VT-C25-IPC is a full HD IP load or driver-facing camera that has a 104° wide viewing angle and supports WDR, white balance and gain control. This camera has replaced the VT-C3-IPC.



The VT646-AHD provides visibility of the rear of the vehicle and those behind it to capture video evidence in the event of an incident. The device can also be combined with an in-cab monitor and used as a reversing camera.


The VT648 comes in a weather-resistant housing and has an IP69K waterproof rating. The IR nightvision and adustable sun visor makes it suitable to use 24/7, whatever the driving conditions.


The VT648-AHD is an HD rear-view camera that is suitable for both day and night use with infrared LEDs and an adjustable sun visor.


The VT670-AHD is a rear-view and/or reversing camera for cars or vans that is discreetly mounted above or below the number plate. The VT670 has an IP69K waterproof rating and is durable in all weather conditions.


The VT670-FHD-IPC is a water-resistant rear-view camera with an IP69K rating. It has a super-wide viewing angle, is durable in all weather conditions and mounts perfectly on all number plates.



The VT-MA07-AHD is a compact, wing-mirror-mounted side camera that is ideal for when the side-view is obscured by the body of the vehicle, the trailer or wide loads. This camera has HD 720p video quality with IR nightvision, so can be used night or day.


The VT408-AHD is a ruggedised side-view camera that is fitted to the front wing of the vehicle. The VT408 possesses HD 720p resolution, IR nightvision and a super-wide viewing angle for high levels of visibility 24/7.