Making the simple choice with our specially developed kits

We understand how important it is to choose the right video telematics solution, so we have created a range of kits that take all the hassle out of this decision. Using our proven expertise, these kits have been developed for the most common camera and safety requirements for all types of vehicle fleet.

The most extensive range of products in the marketplace

Do you lack real-time visibility of what is happening on the road? Do you want to better understand driver behaviour to tackle fleet risk?

With the most extensive range of products in the marketplace backed up by first-class service and support, we can help you choose and implement the video telematics solution right for you.

Dashcam Kits

Our forward-facing vehicle camera kits are designed to meet differing needs, based on vehicle type, the purpose of a fleet, and individual operational objectives. All kits come with the hardware and accessories needed for fast deployment.

DVR Kits

Our mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) are available in multiple configurations. We have combined our MDVRs with a mix of forward, side, rear, cargo and driver facing cameras to deliver the visibility required from video telematics.


Our connected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) solution will now combine a forward-facing camera along with an in-vehicle fatigue and distraction monitor, driver feedback device and HD mobile digital video recorder (DVR).

AI-Powered Pedestrian Detection Kits

Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Kits offer the very latest AI-powered technology, offering complete 360-degree vision with no blind spots, designed to help drivers detect pedestrians and vehicles in real-time.

Monitor Kits

A range of monitor kits increase driver visibility by providing a live feed from the camera when a particular manoeuvre is performed. All kits come with the required bracket, cables and adaptors, integrating seamlessly with our range of MDVRs.

Blindspot & Cyclist Detection Kits

Our corner, side and rear sensors provide added visibility and increased protection on the road, giving audible and visual alerts, warning the driver of nearby cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Cable Kits

To install superior video telematics solutions, it is essential to use best-in-class accessories. By only supplying quality cable kits, we ensure our video telematics solutions achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability.


Whether Silver or Gold accreditation is required, we have the appropriate FORS kit available, whatever the vehicle type. These advanced solutions include all the necessary camera and safety equipment required to achieve compliance.

DVS Kits

From March 2021, all lorries over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London need to hold a valid HGV safety permit. For those vehicles with poor visibility from the cab, cameras, sensors and alarms have to be fitted. Our DVS kits meet the requirements of TFL’s Direct Vision Standard.