Video telematics developed in partnership with leading insurers, accident management companies and insurance brokers

VisionTrack’s multi-award winning IoT video telematics solution is continually evolving to transform how insurance businesses support their fleet customers.

What our partners say

Our joint proposition with VisionTrack brings together our insurance and claims management service with a proven video telematics solution and an award-winning IoT platform to create a class-leading, end-to-end fleet offering.
Julie McKeown, Managing Director at BDElite
We have managed to reduce disputed claims ratio to 0%, we also managed to settle fault claims within 24 hours due to immediate notification of claim from the incident scene, allowing us to secure the third party and issue settlement cheques.
Habbab Mehr, Chief Executive, Cubit Insurance
The quality of VisionTrack cameras assists our claims teams to defend policyholders when liability is unknown or disputed. The speed of notification allows us to fairly handle and settle claims much quicker than normal.
Joe Reeder, Fleet Underwriter, Collingwood Insurance Services

Some of many insurance benefits of video telematics

Our scalable, cloud-based platform has gained considerable recognition, receiving prestigious accolades from both Gartner and Celent Model Insurer, as well as winning a growing number of high-profile insurance industry awards.

Decrease claims costs

Reduce claims frequency

Defend liability

Control claims management

Faster claims resolution

Reduce legal and admin costs

Mitigate third-party costs

Improve loss ratios

Loss Ratios

Reduced frequency and cost of claims

Our IoT platform is already delivering impressive results by improving loss ratios with reduced frequency and cost of claims. With access to real-time and historical snapshot images, video footage and supporting data, one fleet insurer is already achieving an average reduction in claims frequency of 24% and an average 34% decrease in claims costs.

Liability Decisions

Make instant and accurate liability decisions

Using undisputable video evidence and supporting driver and vehicle data from our intelligent video telematics solution makes it possible to make instant and accurate liability decisions. This allows the claims management process to be revolutionised, dramatically increasing claims handling efficiency and reducing associated costs. Faster decisions mean a significant reduction in legal and administrative costs.


First Notification Of Loss

Video telematics has shown to play an important role in First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) and Third Party Intervention (TPI), which are vital to keeping claims costs to a minimum and increasing the average speed of resolution. By controlling claims from start to finish, at the earliest stage possible after an incident, there is an opportunity to better manage third-party costs and achieve greater savings potential.

Fraudulent Claims

Eliminate the impact of fraud using the latest video telematics

Fleets are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent and exaggerated claims, resulting in more incidents, inflated cost of premiums and increased claims. Eliminate the impact of fraud using the latest video telematics, insurtech and computer vision technologies. Detect and dispute suspicious claims by having access to snapshot images, video footage and supporting vehicle data.

Utilise the added insight and real-world data provided by our video telematics solution to support sustainable business

Insurers / Managing General Agents (MGAs)

Video telematics has been proven to deliver significant benefits to providers and their fleet clients.

This has resulted in improved loss ratios, enhanced customer retention and experience, and reduced operational costs.

Insurance Brokers

A growing number of insurance brokers are introducing video telematics solutions.

This is helping to increase the speed and accuracy of how claims are handled, while reducing the impact of fraudulent or exaggerated claims.

Claims Management Company (CMC)

Claims management companies are looking to video telematics for instant identification of First Notification of Loss (FNOL).

This provides the ability to better manage and significantly reduce third-party costs.

AI Innovation

Pushing the boundaries with AI and computer vision

Using increasingly sophisticated AI technologies, we are automating management processes, data analysis and incident detection to revolutionise the claims management process, dramatically increase claims handling efficiency and reduce associated costs.

The functionality, scalability and capacity of the IoT platform,, enables us to develop intelligent edge-and cloud-based solutions, so the insurance sector can take advantage of smart camera solutions and use video telematics like never before.

VisionTrack are the video telematics partner for a growing number of insurers, brokers and incident management specialists

We are the most award-winning video telematics specialist within the insurance sector