Helping vehicle operators of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors

We are helping vehicle operators of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors to protect drivers, improve road safety and cut costs.

What our customers say

VisionTrack devices encourage our technicians to behave differently, mitigating the risks…They’ve helped us improve incident management and supported driver training across our busy fleet.
Shaun Atton, Fleet Manager, Auto Windscreens
Video footage is providing the added context needed to quickly prove liability; challenge fraudulent, exaggerated and 50/50 claims; and better engage with drivers. Moving forward, we expect this to help reduce insurance costs, while improving road safety in the communities we work in.
Paul Ayris, Fleet Manager, LiveWest
Rapid liability decisions by our claims team enable us to take swift action regarding at-fault incidents. By sharing details with our insurers on the same day as an incident is achieving greater control over third party costs, and as a result, reducing claims costs by 40%.
Gareth Jones, Road Risk Manager, Speedy Asset Services
…In our opinion VisionTrack’s technology is the best on the market.
Julian Minta, Fleet Operations Manager,
Regeneration & Environment Department,
Public Realm, Enfield Council
The camera integration provides irrefutable evidence in the event of road traffic incidents, giving us a complete picture of what has occurred and why. This not only provides peace of mind for the driver but can also help avoid protracted legal proceedings and rebut bogus damage or injury claims.
Briggs, Director of Operation Centres, Transport & Engineering, Copart

Driving success for our customers with measurable improvements and success

Case Study


Since the installation of our connected dashcams, LiveWest has experienced a clear reduction in driving events, which has contributed to improvements in driver performance and fleet safety.

  • 50% reduction in collision rates

  • 40% drop in at-fault collisions

  • 50% cut in vehicle damage costs

Case Study

Speedy Asset Services

Our video telematics solution is playing a crucial role within Speedy Asset Services’ fleet strategy, protecting staff and other road users while targeting reductions in insurance costs.

  • 35% drop in road collisions

  • 40% reduction in claims costs

  • 100% defence against fraudulent claims

Fleet Solutions

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By combining extensive industry knowledge with exceptional levels of service and support, we can create a solution that delivers significant benefits and cost reductions. Our innovative solutions are proven to deliver true value to any size of vehicle operations.