Choosing video telematics can be simple with our award-winning vehicle camera solutions

Whatever the size, make-up and use of your fleet, we have a camera solution that will transform how you approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance and operational risk.

The most extensive range of products in the marketplace

Do you lack real-time visibility of what is happening on the road? Do you want to better understand driver behaviour to tackle fleet risk?

With the most extensive range of products in the marketplace backed up by first-class service and support, we can help you choose and implement the video telematics solution right for you.

Connected Dashcams

Our dashcams help to quickly prove liability, protect against exaggerated or false insurance claims and combat cash-for-crash scams, as well as report on driver performance and improve road safety.

360º Vision (MDVR)

Our mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) are ideal for all types of commercial fleet vehicles and suitable for any multi-camera application. These specially-designed MDVRs support 360 visibility for you and your drivers.

AI-Powered Cameras

We have a range of AI-powered vehicle cameras and mobile DVRs that continuously analyse road conditions and driver performance to detect and warn of potential hazards and distractions.

Multi-Channel Cameras

Gain complete internal and external visibility of the vehicle for you and your driver with our range of multi-channel cameras.

In-Vehicle Monitors

Achieve safer driving and manoeuvring by providing a live view to the driver from any camera fitted around the vehicle.

Blind Spot and Cyclist Detection

Keep aware of other road users and pedestrians for improved road safety with advanced sensors and detection systems.

Helping you make the right choice

We have a comprehensive range of fleet dashcams, mobile DVRs, multi-channel cameras, ADAS and DSM devices, blind spot and cyclist detection sensors, monitors, and other accessories. Make an enquiry, book a meeting, or download our latest product catalogue, so we can help you make the right video telematics decision.

Leading IoT Platform

All our camera solutions are underpinned by our IoT platform,, which is the most advanced video-enabled telematics solution for the fleet, road transport and insurance sectors.

Hardware Integration

We are the only video telematics provider worldwide to have directly integrated its software platform with the hardware of the largest global manufacturer of mobile digital video recorders.

Cloud-Based AI

Our ground-breaking, AI post-analysis solution, NARA, is changing how vehicle camera footage is assessed to better protect drivers and reduce insurance costs.