Intelligently protect drivers and road users with the power of AI

VisionTrack’s smart camera solutions use the latest AI technologies – Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) – with the aim of preventing collisions before they happen.


Road and driver risk detection with AI vehicle cameras

Our AI-powered fleet dashcams and mobile DVRs continuously analyse road conditions and driver performance to detect potential hazards and distractions.

In-cab notifications alert the driver to dangers ahead or in their behaviour, while an office-based fleet manager can monitor areas of concern both in real-time and historically.

Lane Departure
Forward Collision
Pedestrian Detection
Driver Fatigue
Seat Belt Detection
Mobile Phone Usage
Smoking Detection
Driver Distraction

AI-powered video telematics

We have a range of intelligent video telematics solutions, using advanced AI algorithms, that are proven to improve driver performance and ultimately save lives. Whatever your fleet size, type and operation, we have an AI-powered vehicle camera and safety system suitable for you.

Our range of connected vehicle cameras are underpinned by our device-agnostic, multi-award winning IoT platform, This means you can gain access to video footage and supporting data within seconds of a collision, near miss or harsh driving event, so you can establish exactly what has happened.


VT3000-AI combines a next-generation 4G vehicle camera with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Specifically developed to help reduce fleet risk and prevent driving incidents before they happen.
  • Capture an additional view with an optional internal or external camera – driver, side, rear or cargo-facing – for increased visibility.
  • AI-enabled to support Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) technologies.


VT650-AI offers the very latest technology to help drivers detect vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and people on scooters.

  • Intelligent and high-precision VRU detection at the front, side or rear of the vehicle using deep learning technology.
  • An essential driving aid for commercial vehicles, providing real-time visual and audio alerts to warn drivers of potential risks or collisions.
  • This all-in-one device can replace a side scan system and is both TFL-approved and DVS-compliant.