Connected vehicle dashcams to meet your exact requirements

Our range of fleet dashcams record high-quality footage – night or day, in any weather conditions – to help you operate in a safe, efficient and socially responsible way.


Some of the many benefits of our fleet dashcam solutions

Our range of connected vehicle cameras are underpinned by our device-agnostic, multi-award-winning IoT platform, This means you can gain access to video footage and supporting data within seconds of a collision, near miss or harsh driving event, so you can establish exactly what has happened.

Improve road safety

Lower fleet risk

Combat fraudulent claims

Cut insurance costs

Enhance duty of care

Support driver training

Reduce vehicle damage

Increase brand protection


VT2500 is a dual-camera system that combines a full HD 1080p fleet dashcam with a secondary internal or external camera.

  • Understand what has occurred with high-quality footage before, during and after a collision.
  • Gain an additional view of the driver, passengers or cargo, or alternatively the side or rear of the vehicle.
  • An in-cab monitor can be added to provide the driver with added visibility of blind-spots.


VT3000-AI combines a next-generation 4G vehicle camera with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Specifically developed to help reduce fleet risk and prevent driving incidents before they happen.
  • Capture an additional view with an optional internal or external camera (driver, side, rear or cargo-facing) for increased visibility.
  • AI-enabled to support Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) technologies.