Whatever your fleet management needs, we have a video telematics solution that is right for you

VisionTrack works with all types and sizes of fleets that operate in a wide range of industry sectors. With a successful and proven track record, we are now the preferred video telematics partner for a growing number of fleet businesses with over 60,000 devices already connected to our IoT platform. We have also deployed more than 165,000 vehicle camera devices in the past three years.

Our advanced video telematics solutions are ideal for any vehicle type

Making the roads a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Whether you operate trucks, vans, cars, taxis, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches or RCVs, we are here to help.


Operate safely and efficiently without complications

Equipping trucks with a video telematics and safety system helps monitor drivers and their journeys while capturing video of any incident. A solution can include comprehensive 360-degree coverage around the vehicle; cargo cameras to keep an eye on loads; an in-cab monitor for drivers to view video feeds; a cyclist detection system; and a fatigue and distraction monitoring system.


Protecting your most valued fleet resources

Video telematics keeps drivers and goods in transit safe and secure with access to live and recorded video. These solutions can incorporate a wide range of external and internal connected cameras, as well as in-cab monitors and panic alarms for added protection.


Defend against false driving allegations

Protect a fleet against other people’s poor driving, exaggerated claims or organized insurance scams. Advanced forward-facing cameras prove who is in the right and help defend against crash-for-cash and other bogus claims.


Looking out for other drivers as well as your own

Video telematics helps safeguard taxi drivers and protect against false or exaggerated claims. It not only helps lower insurance costs but also ensures duty of care commitments are met. Forward-and rear-facing cameras monitor other road users, while an internal camera can keep an eye on passengers.

Emergency Vehicles

Keeping the public and crews safe and assets secure

Connected vehicle camera and safety systems effectively monitor any emergency services vehicle and its immediate environment. As well as providing real-time and historical access to captured video footage, it can provide a live stream to command and control centres. A video telematics solution can also replace traditional data loggers.

Buses & Coaches

Safeguarding passengers and other road users

There is a range of video telematics solutions available for buses and coaches. They provide visibility of driver behavior – as well as capturing video footage of any incidents – to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users. Internal cameras can also effectively monitor passenger areas.

Garbage trucks

Mitigating risk with improved awareness for garbage trucks

Video telematics empowers managers, drivers and crews involved in waste collection to maximize safety and efficiency. Advanced technology solutions for refuse vehicles improve visibility of other road users and pedestrians, so allowing safer driving.

By Industry

We have a video telematics solution that is right for you

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge developing, implementing and supporting advanced video telematics solutions in a wide range of industry sectors. This proven expertise means we can meet your precise needs and help you overcome the challenges you face.