Tackling some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, road transportation and insurance sectors

Our intelligent camera solutions, combined with our award-winning IoT platform, are transforming how vehicle operations approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance and operational risk.

292 Billion+
data points collected
per year
797 Million+
miles of journey data
recorded per year
8.0 Million+
video downloads
per year

The many benefits of our video telematics solutions

Fleet and road transportation operators can reduce costs and improve safety by responding quickly to driving events and gain a better understanding of fleet risks. Our innovative technology solutions are proven to deliver true value, no matter the size, type and activity of a vehicle operation.


Road safety

  • Improve driver behavior by gaining the insight needed to monitor and analyze driving styles.

  • Reduce driver incidents through enhanced driver engagement.

  • Identify potential dangers and those drivers most likely to be involved in a collision to lower operational risk.

  • Save lives by implementing a meaningful road safety strategy.



  • Defend against false and fraudulent claims by having undisputable video evidence of exactly what happened.

  • Minimize claims frequency by disputing liability and 50/50 claims.

  • Make insurance savings by making fast liability decisions, defending claims and controlling and reducing third-party costs.

  • Control claims management with effective First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Third Party Intervention (TPI).


Fleet management

  • Increase operational efficiency by driving down fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Reduce vehicle damage by lowering harsh driving and speeding events.

  • Improve fleet productivity by avoiding vehicle and driver downtime.

  • Added visibility and control makes it possible to keep track of a fleet operation.


Fleet compliance

  • Comply with fleet safety best practices.

  • Reduce environmental impact by operating more responsibly.

  • Enhance duty of care by better protecting staff.

  • Safeguard corporate reputation by increasing brand protection.

Proven Results

Passionate about reducing road collisions and saving lives

Delivering true value and ROI, no matter the size, type and activity of your vehicle operation.

Our IoT platform, Autonomise.ai, has been developed using the latest cutting-edge technologies and is designed for the future of connected vehicle technology. The software solution provides video footage, supporting vehicle data and analytics to deliver a host of proven benefits.


Drop in road collisions


Decrease in at-fault collisions


Reduction in vehicle damage


Cut in risky driver behavior


Reduction in claims frequency


Cut in claims costs


Increase in annual insurance rebate


Cut through the noise with AI-powered video analysis

Our Notification, Analysis and Risk Assessment (NARA) solution is also changing how vehicle camera footage is assessed to better protect drivers and reduce insurance costs by an average of $2,400 per claim detected. This is helping to speed up response to incidents to quickly validate driver welfare and achieve rapid FNOL intervention.

A 900-strong logistics fleet, operated by one of the world’s leading logistics providers, was generating on average 2,000 priority videos a week, which would typically take someone over eight hours to review. Using NARA, it has been possible to reduce the number of events that require human validation to less than five a day, making it possible to check in less than two minutes.