Mitigating risk with improved awareness for garbage trucks

Video telematics empowers managers, drivers and crews involved in waste collection to maximize safety and efficiency. Advanced technology solutions for refuse vehicles improve visibility of other road users and pedestrians, so allowing safer driving.

Forward-Facing Cameras
In-Vehicle Monitors
Side-View Cameras
Left & Right Turn and Reverse Warning
Mobile DVRs
Side Scan
Rear-View Cameras

The most comprehensive camera solutions

We have the most comprehensive and reliable range of intelligent camera solutions that integrate seamlessly with our IoT platform,, to suit your every video telematics need.


Wide-angled HD cameras provide evidence of other people’s driving and can help combat fraud. With night vision, they provide complete peace of mind and clear images of the road ahead.

Rear-View Cameras

Rear-view device that is constantly recording, can double up as a reversing camera and is perfect for monitoring vehicle rear blind spots.

Side-View Cameras

Fitted together with front-and rear-facing cameras, side-view cameras offer all-round protection, and can enable drivers to view blind spots.

In-Vehicle Monitors

HD touchscreen gives the driver an overview of each camera feed, allowing them a particular view when, for example, reversing or changing lane.

Mobile DVRs

Specially-designed for trucks, a powerful and ruggedized anti-vibration digital video recorder is at the heart of a video telematics solution, managing and recording footage from all cameras.

Side Scan

Using sensors and audible alarms it is possible to aid safe parking and reversing maneuvers, warning drivers of any obstacles in their path, as well as providing added cyclist protection.

Left & Right Turn
and Reverse Warning

A speaker that provides a spoken or white noise warning to alert vulnerable road users that a vehicle is maneuvering left, right or reversing.

Garbage trucks

Benefits of video telematics for garbage trucks

For added protection for vulnerable road users, a cyclist detection system (particularly at low-speed left or right turns) creates an alarm in the cab. Cyclists can be further safeguarded by a turn speaker system that announces the vehicle is turning when the driver uses the turn signal.

In the event of a driving incident, fleet managers have access to video evidence and supporting vehicle data through our Microsoft Azure-hosted, cloud-based IoT platform. This can be vital in proving liability, defending against false allegations and speeding up the claims process.

Gain brand protection by quickly resolving complaints and improving public perception.

Challenge false claims to reduce insurance costs.

Monitor driver behavior to enhance road safety and improve fuel efficiency.

Provide driver protection and increased staff retention rates.