VisionTrack Management

VisionTrack’s management team brings together unrivaled knowledge and expertise, with extensive video telematics, vehicle tracking, computer vision and insurance industry experience.

Ben Pickard

Chief Executive Officer

Ben joined VisionTrack in 2020 and served as Chief Financial Officer prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2023.

Ben is responsible for leading and supporting the team to achieve their common goals.

He is a qualified accountant and prior to joining VisionTrack Ben has worked in practice, manufacturing and service organizations. In the 12 years prior to VisionTrack he worked for an international Field and Technical services outsourcing provider in which operated telematics and planning solutions to serve their prestigious client base.

Mark Raymond

Chief Technology Officer

Mark joined VisionTrack in 2019 and served as Head of Product prior to being appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2021.

Mark is responsible for driving VisionTrack’s innovation roadmap for next-generation video telematics hardware and IoT firmware operating systems.

He was formerly Chief Technology Officer at Tantalum Corporation, having previously spent almost nine years in engineering and product management roles.

Gary Barnes

Commercial Director

Gary joined VisionTrack in 2018 and served as Operations Director prior to being appointed Commercial Director in 2023.

Gary is responsible for ‘joining the dots’ between sales, technology and the operations of the organization.

Gary has been involved in the transport and fleet solutions industry for over 15 years with extensive experience in sourcing, utilizing and operating a variety of Transport Management solutions.

Clare Bone

Finance Director

Clare joined VisionTrack in 2023 as Finance Director.

Clare is responsible for overseeing finance, operations and business systems with a focus on driving a first-class transactional customer experience.

Clare is a qualified accountant, having previously worked in senior roles within both large global business environments and SMEs across a variety of industries; manufacturing, product design, advertising and public relations.

John Crawford

Head of Account Management

John joined VisionTrack in 2019 as an Account Manager and was promoted to Head of Account Management in 2023.

John is responsible for ensuring a deep understanding of customer’s needs, both present and future, and ensuring the realization of value delivery for our clients.

John has worked in the telematics industry for 15 years predominantly in sales and project management roles.

Ian Beck

Head of Development

Ian joined VisionTrack in 2019 as Head of Development.

Ian is responsible for a 30+ strong internal development team and contractors undertaking software development, DevOps and QA.

He has more than 20 years of experience working in Agile Development and prior to VisionTrack he was the Technical Lead for Markerstudy Insurance.

Ian has built a strong development team with the right blend of skills and processes to match the ambitions of the business.

Alex Kifford

Head of QA, Product & Support

Alex joined VisionTrack in 2020 as Technical Engineering Manager and was promoted to Head of QA, Product & Support in 2024.

Alex is responsible for the onboarding and ongoing quality of hardware product to ensure successful adoption by our customers new and updated technology.

Alex has over 12 years of experience in the Telematics Industry, ranging from Field Service to Electrical Design Engineering, Technical Management, Product Engineering & Software Development.

Niall Calvert

Head of Applications Engineering

Niall joined VisionTrack in 2020 and was promoted to Head of Applications Engineering in 2023.

Niall is responsible for working with stakeholders to ensure development work successfully delivers on the needs of the customers.

Niall has over 20 years Automotive and Telematics experience and has held previous roles within Pinnacle, Ricardo and Oracle.

Matt Ison

Vice President of Sales – North America

Matt joined VisionTrack in 2022 as VP of Sales to build a world class sales and solutions team.

Matt is responsible for truly understanding our Partners needs to successfully drive solutions which increase productivity and, most importantly, improve road and occupational safety.

Matt has spent over 15 years promoting SaaS and telematics solutions across a range of sectors, including field service, transportation, construction and industrial IoT.

Katie Witman

Vice President of Operations

Katie joined VisionTrack in 2021 as part of VisionTrack’s startup in the US.

Katie is responsible for Operations and account management to ensure the delivery of a best-in-class customer experience.

Katie is leveraging over 20 years in the telematics industry that focuses on seamless solution onboarding and technology adoption that promotes enhanced fleet safety.