Safeguarding taxi drivers and passengers

Video telematics helps safeguard taxi drivers and protect against bogus or exaggerated claims. It can not only help lower insurance costs, but also ensure duty of care commitments are met.

Passenger Cameras
Forward-Facing Cameras
Panic Button
Rear-View Cameras

The most comprehensive camera solutions

We have the most comprehensive and reliable range of intelligent camera solutions that integrate seamlessly with our IoT platform,, to suit your every video telematics need.


Wide-angled HD cameras provide evidence of other people’s driving and can help combat fraud. With night vision, they provide complete peace of mind and clear images of the road ahead.

Rear-View Cameras

Rear-view device that is constantly recording, can double up as a reversing camera and is perfect for monitoring vehicle rear blind spots.

Passenger Cameras

Multi-channel cameras are ideal for use as a secondary camera designed to monitor the driver or passengers, helping to quickly prove false allegations.

Panic Button

Real-time alarm, so lone and vulnerable workers can raise an immediate alert regarding an incident or threat.


Benefits of video telematics for taxi operators

Local government and taxi licensing authorities are looking at ways to improve driver and passenger safety. By using cameras within the vehicle to record video evidence, it is possible to dramatically reduce the time required to investigate alleged incidents.

In addition, driver and passenger panic buttons can raise an immediate alert and place a marker in the footage; stream video live back to the controller; and enable in-vehicle audio capture. This speeds up the investigation process when compared to traditional methods, while providing indisputable evidence of what actually took place.

Monitor driver behavior to help reduce driving incidents and improve the customer experience.

Reduce insurance costs and eliminate false or exaggerated claims.

Guard against false claims or complaints by passengers or members of the public.

Provide evidence in case of a collision, near miss or aggressive driving aimed at the vehicle owner.