The most award-winning video telematics IoT platform is our multi-award winning Internet of Things (IoT) platform that has been developed as the most advanced video-enabled telematics solution for the fleet, road transportation and insurance sectors.

Delivering industry-leading innovation

This cloud-based software solution collects, processes and analyzes real-time video and data from over 75,000 connected camera devices, helping to dramatically mitigate fleet risk, improve road safety, cut claims costs and eliminate insurance fraud.

Real-Time Analytics

Received data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms and computer vision models to provide meaningful intelligence. is built using the latest technologies to provide real-time video and analytics.

Hardware Agnostic

Completely hardware agnostic and infinitely scalable, so compatible with any device capable of transmitting data. brings together any number of connected data sources into a single IoT platform.

Immediate Access

A cloud-based video platform with integration of critical vehicle and driver data for added context and insight. is delivering a greater understanding of performance and risk than ever before.

Data-Driven Learning

Finely-tuned analytics and artificial intelligence

Our video-enabled devices are recording:

  • 797 Million miles every year

  • 292 Billion data points every year

  • 8.8 Million hours of video every year leverages this extensive real-world information using finely-tuned algorithms, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock knowledge and continually evolve.

AI Innovation

Empowering the latest AI technologies is empowering the latest AI technologies, with the aim of preventing collisions before they happen and gaining a better understanding of fleet risk as it occurs. We are developing intelligent edge-and cloud-based solutions to streamline and automate management processes, while gaining added visibility of events on the road.

Partner of Choice

Integrates with leading tracking providers

VisionTrack is now partner of choice for 21 insurance businesses and we have a growing number of partnerships globally, based on our ability to connect to any third-party system via API and deliver the most robust video telematics solution in the marketplace.

Technology Expertise

Driving innovation at all times

The success of has all been made possible by VisionTrack’s, in-house development team – made up of big data, AI, computer vision and cybernetics experts, and data scientists – who are tasked with delivering next-generation video telematics and IoT solutions.

Using this expertise, VisionTrack is driving innovation at all times and is best placed to respond to market needs. is continually evolving to meet the precise needs of customers and help make the road network a better and safer place. The IoT platform is powering change by ensuring we have the technology in place to dramatically reduce road deaths and injuries.
Mark Raymond, Chief Technology Officer
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