Award-winning AI video telematics for Geotab

Integrate your fleet and AI video telematics into a single easy-to-use platform to save time, enhance safety, reduce costs and gain optimum value. We offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of multi-camera and dashcam solutions to video-enable Geotab’s fleet management and tracking system.

VisionTrack for MyGeotab™

We offer simple and seamless integration with web-based fleet management software, MyGeotab™. This brings together high-quality video with extensive vehicle driver and vehicle data, to gain actionable fleet risk insight.

  • Fast and simple access to footage of collisions, near misses and harsh driving events

  • View video alongside detailed driver and vehicle data for added context

  • Request video from a recorded trip or live stream an online asset

  • Leverage notification templates to trigger automatic video requests

  • Integrated Risk Management Dashboard brings together MyGeotab™ and VisionTrack data

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality for streamlined authentication and log-in

Change how you approach road safety, claims management, duty of care, fleet compliance and operational risk with VisionTrack and Geotab integration.


  • Prevent collisions
  • Reduce fleet risk
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Protect road users


  • Mitigate insurance fraud
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Challenge false claims
  • Enhance claims handling


  • Achieve safety compliance
  • Improve duty of care
  • Support ESG
  • Increase brand protection

Transforming fleet safety with AI video telematics

VisionTrack has developed a range of complementary AI video telematics solutions to mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk. These integrated fleet safety solutions achieve unrivalled, real-time driver engagement, while providing the most accurate, timely and insightful risk monitoring and analysis.

AI Monitoring & Analysis

Risk Dashboard

Track safety trends using highly accurate data to identify risk, and pinpoint areas of improvement. A highly effective reporting and analysis tool to better understand and take advantage of the insight captured by AI video telematics.

AI Monitoring & Analysis

Post-Analysis (NARA)

Safety-focused computer vision models that detect and analyze risk based on the operational priorities of the fleet sector. Cut through the noise, eliminating false positives, to gain unrivalled understanding of collisions and near misses.

AI Monitoring & Analysis

Driver ID

Using adaptive facial recognition to identify the driver whatever vehicle they are operating and what camera hardware is installed, so fleets can create individual profiles, risk scores and automated engagement.

AI Driver Engagement


Alerting drivers to hazards on the road and high-risk behaviors – such as mobile phone use, eyes away from road, smoking and eating/drinking – can dramatically improve safety, reduce collisions and encourage responsible driving.

AI Driver Engagement

Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Detection Cameras

Identifying pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and e-scooter riders, to provide drivers with the precise location of nearby VRUs in relation to the vehicle.

AI Driver Engagement

Triggered Training

Automated risk reduction and driver engagement with targeted safety messages, videos and e-training modules, based on video-enabled driver behavior monitoring, that supports drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

360° Vision

Make sure you have all angles covered, inside and out, with a connected multi-camera system.
Designed to provide complete 360° vision, capture crucial footage and driving data, while delivering an advanced in-cab driving aid.

Side-Facing Pedestrian Detection AI Camera
Side-Facing Pedestrian Detection AI Camera
Front-Facing Pedestrian Detection AI Camera
Monitor for Visual & Audible Alerts
In-Cab Alert Speaker
Driver-Facing Camera
4G 5-Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder
Reversing/Turn LED Alert
Rear-Facing Pedestrian Detection AI Camera

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