Multi-camera systems designed to provide complete 360 vision

Our industry-leading mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) make sure you have all angles covered, inside and out, with a connected multi-camera system. Capture crucial footage and driving data, while providing an advanced in-cab driving aid.


Some of the many benefits of our multi-camera systems

Our range of MDVRs are underpinned by our device-agnostic, multi-award winning IoT platform, This means video evidence and vehicle data is immediately uploaded following a collision, near miss or harsh driving event, providing instant access.

Improve road safety

Lower fleet risk

Combat fraudulent claims

Cut insurance costs

Enhance duty of care

Support driver training

Reduce vehicle damage

Increase brand protection


The VT4500 is a compact MDVR that supports our full range of multi-channel cameras, monitors and fleet safety devices.

  • A five-channel solution that offers 360 coverage of a commercial vehicle.
  • Provides excellent footage and picture clarity in the event of an incident.
  • Data is automatically uploaded to the multi-award winning IoT platform in the event of a collision.


The VT5500-G is a full HD ruggedized MDVR, supporting enhanced data capture and driver behavior monitoring.

  • With five channels, the 4G MDVR can incorporate a wide range of vehicle camera, monitor and fleet safety devices.
  • Provides an all-round view of the vehicle, with live viewing and instant playback for increased visibility.
  • 4G connectivity, high-capacity storage and suitable for digital (IP) cameras for optimum performance.


This eight-channel MDVR supports a wide range of multi-channel camera solutions that can be tailored to the precise needs of your commercial fleet operation.

  • Ideal for advanced vehicle telematics solutions with real-time and historical visibility of road incidents and driver performance.
  • The MDVR features the latest in GPS positioning technology along with speed and G-shock sensor data built-in.
  • Includes a high-speed processor, embedded operating system and advanced video compression technology.


The VT8000 is a high-performance MDVR that has been designed for in-vehicle recording and monitoring.

  • 12-channel, ruggedized 4G solution offering complete visibility both in and outside of the vehicle, capturing HD video and supporting data.
  • Suitable for a wide range of internal and externals cameras, in-vehicle monitors, blind spot detection, DSM and ADAS.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance, revolutionary anti-vibration technology, and dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission.

Our extensive range of safety solutions.

Connect our industry-leading MDVRs with an extensive range of cameras, in-vehicle monitors and safety systems.


Gain complete internal and external visibility of the vehicle for you and your driver with our range of multi-channel cameras.


Achieve safer driving and maneuvering by providing a live view to the driver from any camera fitted around the vehicle.

Blind Spot & Cyclist

Keep aware of other road users and pedestrians for improved road safety with advanced sensors and detection systems.