Our mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) are ideal for all types of commercial vehicle and suitable for any camera application. These specially-designed ruggedised MDVRs – which can support up to 24 channels – sit at the heart of your system that records and manages crucial video evidence.

The MDVRs can be used with internal and externals cameras, in-vehicle monitors and safety systems to capture footage and driving data, as well as aid driver visibility. By connecting to our IoT cloud-based platform, you can also gain complete visibility and control, with advanced functionality such as live view, video playback, auto evidence export and incident detection.

4-Channel HD Mobile DVR

The VT4500 is a compact mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) that supports our full range of multi-channel cameras, monitors and fleet safety devices. This five-channel, full HD 1080p solution offers 360º coverage of a vehicle, providing excellent footage and picture clarity that is uploaded automatically to our multi-award-winning IoT platform in the event of a collision.

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4G 5-Channel HD Mobile DVR

The VT5500-G is a full HD 1080/720p ruggedised, 5-channel mobile digital video recorder designed for vehicle surveillance and monitoring, with built-in connectivity, advanced video compression, GPS positioning technology for location tracking and Wi-Fi for wireless data upload.

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8-Channel HD Mobile DVR

The VT6.2 mobile digital video recorder is ideal for video surveillance and remote monitoring applications, featuring the latest in GPS positioning technology along with speed and G-shock sensor data built-in. This 8-channel MDVR features a high-speed processor and embedded operating system, advanced video compression technology, as well as Wi-Fi for wireless data upload.

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12-Channel HD Mobile DVR

The VT8000 is a high performance, ruggedised, 12-channel mobile digital video recorder specifically designed for in-vehicle recording and monitoring. The MDVR captures, records and manages high-definition video and enables GPS positioning technology, with built-in connectivity, advanced video compression and Wi-Fi for wireless data upload.

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