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12-Channel HD Mobile DVR
The VT8000 is a high-performance mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) that is specifically designed for in-vehicle recording and monitoring. This 12-channel, ruggedised 4G solution offer complete visibility both in and outside of the vehicle, capturing, recording and managing HD video and supporting data that is accessible via our multi-award-winning IoT platform. This advanced MDVR can incorporate a wide number of devices such as internal and externals cameras, in-vehicle monitors, blind spot detection (BSD), driver state monitoring (DSM) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).
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Key Features
  • Full HD 1080p/720p/D1
  • 8-channels AHD (1080p) + 4 channel IPC (1080p) (PON Switch required)
  • Fully lockable case
  • Trigger output for integration with telematics devices
  • GPS, 4G connectivity
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Remote Wake-up Function
  • HDD – up to 2TB
  • 12-24v
  • 295(L) x 89(H) x 222(W)mm

Key Benefits
  • Undisputable video evidence to defend against false and fraudulent claims
  • Supporting driver and vehicle data including speed, location (GPS), impact force and driving style
  • All round view of vehicle with up to twelve camera and safety devices
  • 4G connectivity, high capacity storage and multiple digital (IP) cameras for optimum performance
  • Increased visibility with live viewing and instant playback
  • Capture footage when parked or after a collision even when the ignition is off
  • Automatic incident upload to multi-award-winning IoT platform
  • Driver behaviour monitoring to lower operational risk, reduce driving incidents and save lives
  • Minimise claims frequency and claims cost by disputing liability and false or 50/50 claims
  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL) alerts to control claims management
  • Compatible with most leading vehicle tracking systems


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