VisionTrack has enhanced its range of connected mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) to meet demand from commercial fleets for increasingly sophisticated vehicle camera and safety systems. The new version of the VT5500 is a full HD ruggedised solution – with five-channels at 1080p – includes a host of new features that will support improved data capture, video on demand and driver behaviour monitoring.
The on-board 100Hz processor enables the VT5500 to capture data at 100 times per second – compared to an industry standard of just 10 times per second – to accurate determine speeds and peak g-forces when incidents occur. The granularity of data ensures accurate detection of collisions and driver behaviour events. Meanwhile, a built-in three-axis accelerometer identifies all harsh driving, so commercial fleets can effectively monitor excessive and unsafe driver behaviour.
As a connected device, the VT5500 fully integrates with VisionTrack’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform immediately uploading video evidence and vehicle data following a collision and providing instant access. Video on demand – with remote wake-up functionality even when the vehicle ignition is off – also allows footage to be extracted remotely for any time period if, for example, a vehicle is parked up for the weekend. This latest device also supports open pass-through of serial data, which makes it possible to potentially integrate with onboard vehicle systems and equipment.
Richard Lane, Commercial Director of VisionTrack commented: “We have created a range of connected MDVRs, so commercial fleets can gain the visibility and control needed to better protect drivers, other road users and their reputations. Our latest addition, the VT5500, is designed to incorporate a wide range of vehicle camera and fleet safety devices. This includes internal and externals cameras for an all-round view, along with in-vehicle monitors and optional cyclist detection, driver fatigue monitoring and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).”