VisionTrack attends Freight in the City 2016

VisionTrack attended its penultimate 2016 event, Freight in the City, on Wednesday 2nd November at Alexandra Palace, London. The one-day exhibition and conference explored the ‘latest vehicles, technology and equipment that enable urban deliveries to be made cleanly, safely, quietly and efficiently’. In-vehicle cameras are essential in this space, especially when it comes to cyclist and pedestrian safety.
Simon Marsh, Managing Director at VisionTrack, said: “The Government plans to double the number of cyclists on our roads by 2020, so the need to protect riders from serious or fatal collisions with HGVs is more pressing than ever. Our cameras help do just this by giving drivers a 360 degree view of their immediate surroundings so they can easily spot bicycles and people.”
While the latest Department for Transport figures* around road casualties on Great Britain’s roads show a decline in both pedestrian and cyclist fatalities, and a 3% year-on-year decrease overall in road deaths compared with 2014, 22,144 people were still seriously injured in 2015. 18,844 pedal cyclist casualties were reported, of which 80% were on roads with a 30mph speed limit.
Simon added: “There are a number of factors that have combined to reduce the number of fatalities such as improvements in emergency response and vehicle technology, but there is still much more that can be done to prevent vulnerable road users from being injured or killed. The fact that the majority of recorded cyclist incidents were on roads with lower speed limits suggests that these will have taken place in urban areas.”