Why vehicle tracking is key for your business success

Why vehicle tracking is key for your business success
If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, you’re probably wondering how a vehicle tracking system could help your business grow. That’s one of the most common questions in the minds of business owners and fleet managers who have already heard something about vehicle tracking, but they’re not sure yet how this new technology could help them achieve their goals.
If you take a closer look at it, the implications of vehicle tracking solutions on businesses today are incredible. In a nutshell, vehicle tracking solutions allow fleet managers to see where vehicles are at all times. They also show which routes were taken by drivers and offer a rich collection of other data such as fuel consumption, driver behavior, real-time alerts, and more.
Read this article to find out what vehicle tracking is, what are the critical benefits, and how it can help your business succeed.

What is vehicle tracking, and how does it work?

Vehicle tracking involves two elements. First, there’s a GPS device which is placed in the vehicle. This device gathers information about the vehicle’s location and sends it to a central location. That’s where the second element comes to play: it’s specialized software that gathers, processes, and analyzes the incoming data.
The fleet manager located at the central location can monitor all the data and track the exact location of the vehicle at a given time. Some vehicle trackers also replay the entire route taken by the vehicle, allowing fleet managers to track routes for up to 90 days after their completion.
Now that you know what vehicle tracking is, let’s review some of the most significant benefits.

Benefits of vehicle tracking systems


  1. The key benefit of using vehicle tracking software is that an employee who uses a business vehicle can never lie to you about their location or the route they took at any time. You can see everything on a map for full transparency and accountability.


  1. Vehicle tracking solutions help to keep an eye on all the vehicles. When tracking your fleet, you get information about the location of your vehicles and can see how employees are using them on the map. Moreover, you will know how long a given vehicle stayed at a specific location.

For example, when an employee takes the vehicle to a location where it’s not supposed to be or stayed in one location for longer than expected, you will know that right away. If your driver follows a different route than the one planned for the trip, the software will show you that as well. All of this data helps to avoid wasting your business resources and increases productivity by reducing idle time and making the most of your fleet.

  1. Vehicle tracking systems also help to find stolen vehicles. Losing a vehicle to theft can be really expensive for businesses. You will lose not only the vehicle but also all the inventory it was transporting. Most importantly, you also stand to lose the trust of your customers. However, tracking your vehicle enables you to act quickly and report the problem to relevant authorities to recover the stolen vehicle. Some vehicle tracking solutions include special functionalities for identifying suspicious behaviors and can be configured to, for example, automatically turn off the engine.


  1. Tracking inventory from origin to destination is essential for any business that aims to deliver an excellent experience to its customers. By tracking your fleet, you will be able to tell customers waiting for products exactly when they should expect their arrival. Knowing the location of your goods will also help you to communicate with the receiving or shipping crew more efficiently.


  1. Vehicle tracking solutions allow companies to improve employee safety. Running a business that operates a fleet of vehicles means that you need to be extra responsible about the safety of your employees. Vehicle tracking picks up information about driver behavior such as harsh braking or accelerating that you can monitor and correct to improve the security of your employees. Also, by locating employees in the field, even loss of communication isn’t a problem. You can be sure that your employees can get the help they need quickly.


  1. Such solutions help to reduce fuel consumption. One of the most essential benefits vehicle tracking solutions brings to businesses is significant reductions in fuel consumption. Tracking systems will force drivers to operate vehicles more responsibly and help fleet managers pick the best routes. Drivers will never go to the places they shouldn’t and will always drive the vehicle at a reasonable speed. Some vehicle tracking systems will send an email or text notification every time a driver breaks the rules and regulations of the business. Monitoring the speed of your vehicle is also essential to keeping employees safe. After all, those who drive recklessly may cause an accident that could hurt them or others, other road users. The inventory being transported may also become damaged.

These benefits should be more than enough to convince you that the vehicle tracking system could be a really valuable addition to your organization.
If you’re not sure how to choose the best vehicle tracking system for your company, get in touch with our consultants. We have plenty of experience on the market and will help you identify the most important features your vehicle tracking system needs to have.