The most advanced, high-quality and reliable video telematics solutions
using our unrivalled expertise

  • VisionTrack is a MULTI-AWARD WINNING video telematics provider that has won 30 industry awards in the past three years.
  • Our management team has 200+ YEARS’ combined video telematics, vehicle tracking, computer vision and insurance industry EXPERIENCE.

  • VisionTrack is a video technology enabler of choice for many of the WORLD’S LEADING telematics providers.
  • In 2021, our INDUSTRY-LEADING IoT platform processed over 8.8m+ event videos and recorded 797m+ miles of journey data, containing 292bn+ data points.

We offer the widest range of video telematics solutions
to suit your every need

IoT Platform

Our multi-award winning Internet of Things (IoT) platform has been built using the latest technologies that can locate a vehicle in real-time with live video and analytics. The cloud-based solution has evolved to connect to any third-party system and is the most innovative and leading video telematics platforms available on the market.

Forward-Facing Cameras

We offer a comprehensive range of connected in-vehicle camera solutions to meet any requirements. All our vehicle camera solutions include high-definition video and integrate with our IoT platform.

Multi-Channel Cameras

With our extensive range of multi-channel cameras – front, driver, cargo, side and rear – we can ensure you are covered from all angles. This makes it possible to gain complete visibility, protecting drivers from bogus or exaggerated claims, thefts and allegations of driving offenses.

Monitored FNOL

Our monitored FNOL solution identifies incidents in real-time and escalates as appropriate. Every event is monitored by our US-based call centre operatives, who will review the linked footage and vehicle data, and then either dismiss or send the event to specified fleet and insurance contacts.


Our connected digital video recorders (DVRs) are specially-designed for vehicles to meet the demands of commercial transport operations. They offer unrivalled reliability and capabilities, such as live streaming, remote video download and aiding driver visibility with in-vehicle monitors.

Blindspot/Cyclist Detection

Our FORS-compliant automatic detection systems offer a standalone or integrated solution to warn a driver, with audible and visual alerts, to the proximity of cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, especially in vehicle blind spots.

Microsoft Azure Cloud-Based Software

Microsoft Azure is a proven and trusted enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, which supports our award-winning IoT video telematics platform.

Single Platform Architecture / API

Our device agnostic and infinitely scalable IoT platform is compatible with any device capable of transmitting data and can be connected to any third-party system using our API.

In-House Development & Support

We develop, deploy and support all video telematics solutions using our in-house team of industry specialists. This means we are on hand every step of the way, so you make the most of your video telematics solution.

Direct Digital Video Recorder Integration

We are the only video telematics provider to offer direct integration between our IoT platform and a wide range of connected DVRs. This means you can control and communicate with your DVR without the need for third-party middleware.

Industrial-Grade Storage & IoT Connectivity

Using only industrial-grade memory cards and M2M SIM cards, all our solutions are specially designed for commercial and connected applications that meet the demands of a professional fleet operation.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Taking advantage of the latest advances in machine learning and computer vision, our connected ADAS solutions have been developed to reduce incidents and address driver risk.

Historical Video On-Demand

Upload video content from our connected vehicle cameras using our on-demand service via our IoT platform or mobile app, so footage is easily accessible at any time, whatever the circumstances.

Health Check Function

Automatically monitor the health of your connected devices remotely to ensure all systems are operational and respond to any issues. Avoid unnecessary maintenance checks and downtime, while providing access to footage from offline vehicles.

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