VisionTrack showcases new transformative AI video telematics solution at CONEXPO

  • NARA uses powerful AI and Vulnerable Road User (VRU) recognition to provide advanced risk detection using real-time data analysis from 360-degree visibility of construction equipment
  • Enables construction managers and equipment operators to maintain and comply with the highest safety standards
  • NARA demo at CONEXPO, March 14-18 Las Vegas, North Hall, Booth N10208 

VisionTrack, the leading AI video telematics specialist, will be demonstrating how they are transforming site safety for vehicle, equipment and heavy machine operators at North America’s largest construction trade show, CONEXPO, March 14-18 in Las Vegas. The company will be introducing its latest advancements in AI video telematics to the US market, including AI-powered post-analysis solution, NARA, and an AI detection camera that will be able to identify and track vulnerable people.

NARA is a next generation, AI-powered video telematics tool that is a construction safety game-changer. The device agnostic, cloud-based software is revolutionising how camera footage is assessed to help construction managers to save time, costs and most importantly lives. It provides actionable data insights to respond quickly to asset incidents, improve safety training and regulate compliance – meaning the right action can be taken at the right time to protect workers and reduce collateral costs.

The second innovation is an AI-powered detection camera which will be able to provide 360 visibility around vehicles and assets, helping eliminate blind spots during complex maneuvers. It will trigger an alert to the driver or equipment operator – and even activate an external, audible alarm – when someone enters virtual exclusion zones around the asset. Footage will be automatically displayed on an in-cab monitor, and supplemented with a spoken warning with the precise location of nearby workers or members of the public. “The greater the risk the greater the visibility needed for risk management, and in a dynamic construction jobsite, AI camera technology and intelligent detection is essential to identify and prevent on-site risk,” said Matthew Ison, Head of Sales for North America at VisionTrack. “VisionTrack provides construction managers with visibility not only into operations on the ground as they occur, but also into the data surrounding these to enable targeted and effective action for future risk prevention.”