Fleet challenges and pain points

Vehicle tracking is a proven way of gaining visibility and control over a fleet, but this alone cannot overcome many of the safety, insurance, compliance and cost pressures faced by vehicle operators:

Having no context of what took place, so impossible to determine who was at fault and if there is a recurring driving issue that needs to be addressed.

Finding out too late that a collision has occurred, making it difficult to manage and mitigate third parties claim costs such as vehicle recovery, hire cars and repairs.

Dealing with the financial impact of rising insurance costs and bogus claims – Auto insurers lose at least $29 billion a year to insurance fraud and scams. (Coalition Against Insurance Fraud)

Investigating false complaints and fraudulent claims with a lack of evidence and conflicting witness statements.

Making the unknown known

Video telematics perfectly complements a traditional vehicle tracking system because it provides context that would not previously have been available.

By adding undisputable video evidence of collisions, near misses and harsh driving events to your system’s driver performance and reporting capabilities will create a complete view of fleet customers’ vehicle operations.

Video telematics technology, integrated with or working alongside a vehicle tracking system, can quickly establish the root cause of an event within moments of an incident happening. A driver swerving due poor driving by another road user or suddenly braking to avoid a pedestrian running out from behind a parked vehicle, would typically be logged as a harsh event. Only with video footage, can a fleet manager correctly identify if an incident was a positive driver action in response to an unexpected situation.

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Complementing your vehicle tracking

Video telematics can enhance your vehicle tracking offering, adding significant value and allowing your fleet customers to:

  • Understand the context and validate harsh driving events identified by their vehicle tracking system.
  • Support targeted driver engagement and training using relevant footage of road incidents, so any initiative can be tailored to the exact needs of your staff.
  • Challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability by viewing exactly what took place.
  • Pinpoint at risk drivers, understand whether a weakness exists in their individual driving style and decide if any interventions needs to be taken.

Video telematics partner of choice

VisionTrack is the preferred video technology enabler for many of the world’s leading telematics providers.

Our multi-award winning IoT platform has been successfully integrated with many of the top vehicle tracking systems.

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