See the differences between normal telematics and video telematics

Video Telematics – The Benefits


This video compares traditional telematics (black box) and video telematics. Using video telematics clearly illustrates the cause of what triggered the sudden braking alert, in this instance, a pedestrian runs out from behind a parked bus, causing the driver to brake hard. Users of a traditional telematics system would only be made aware of harsh braking and not what caused it. Make the unknown known.

IMPROVE driver behaviour

REDUCE frequency of incidents

IMMEDIATE access to speed, G-force, images and videos when an incident occurs

MITIGATE whiplash & personal injury claims

SPEED UP claims processing time


  • Experienced rates of disputed claims fall to less than 1%
  • Benefitted from a powerful telematics platform
  • Monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle event footage in near real-time
  • Immediate access to HD 1080p video providing evidence of what really happened


Overall solution

VisionTrack devices send visual as well as telemetry information to a platform capable of storing, analysing and displaying information from any internet connected device, the platform’s core engine is device agnostic and vastly scalable.

1) The platform uses leading technologies to store and process information at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional telematics systems.
2) The solution can be deployed anywhere in the world at the flick of a switch and is configured to handle large variations in telemetry data and auto-configures to ensure all data is captured and stored.
3) Advanced analytic algorithms process the data to analyse driving behaviour and claims propensity.
4) Visual and telemetry data can be streamed and analysed in real time to help identify incidents or unusual events. Later this year (2017) we will be able to identify distance from the next vehicle as well as accelerometer and GPS speed data into our driver scoring.

Clients feedback:

Cubit Insurance:

We have managed to reduce our disputed claims ratio to 0%, we also managed to settle fault claims within 24 hours due to immediate notification of claim from accident scene, allowing us to secure the third party and issuing settlement cheques


We can now track our vehicles at any time and watch live video instantly. This will give us what we need to improve our overall incident management and support the training of our drivers across our busy fleet. It has already cleared one of our drivers from a driving complaint and we have also used the footage to defend one of our drivers in a non fault accident.

PF Whitehead:

Having the VisionTrack’ integrated camera telematics has given us an insight into how the drivers behave in the ‘real world’ – this insight hasn’t previously been available to us with normal telematics. It has allowed us to demonstrate to the drivers how they actually drive and educate them to improve their behaviour and safety.

Davro Site Services Ltd:

We installed 20 cameras into our fleet in August and have seen a significant reduction in incidents, the best part is being able to use the footage to prove what really happened. I would recommend VisionTrack to all fleets and we are now installing cameras in every vehicle.

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