DCL and VisionTrack co-sponsor FORS Members’ Conference 2018

Together with commercial vehicle insurance underwriters, Direct Commercial Ltd. (DCL), we were revealed as headline co-sponsors at the FORS Members’ Conference 2018, which took place on 16th October.
We combined with DCL to produce ‘Camatics’ – a specialist fleet insurance policy to provide premium security and outstanding benefits. FORS members will see how policyholders can achieve an 18% reduction in claims costs and a 24% reduction in incidents.
“We were thrilled at the opportunity to support this key industry event,” said Simon Marsh, Managing Director at VisionTrack, “As a FORS Associate, we share much common ground with the scheme and its principles. And, like FORS, our key focus is on safety – we’re passionate about it, in fact – and our products reflect our desire to reduce numbers of incidents and to promote more defensive and safer driving across the transport sector. A safety mindset behind the wheel,” he said, “goes a long way to boosting fuel economy and increasing overall operational efficiency.”
Adam Marsh, Head of Agency & Business Development at DCL, said, “Insurance is arguably the largest single operating cost, and, with our Camatics product, we’re able to offer FORS members a significant discount on insurance costs alongside tangible benefits to boost long-term productivity.”