Copart, the global leader in online vehicle remarketing, has partnered with VisionTrack to fit and retrofit their entire 200-strong transport fleet with VisionTrack’s DVS-compliant five-camera system.

For over a year, Copart has been looking at at-risk road users and has been focusing on becoming DVS-compliant. Fred Houghton, the Operations and Transport Manager for Copart, commented, “We were tasked with looking at the compliancy side of the new trucks and looking at vulnerable road users. We were tasked with fitting cameras and the DVS system onto them. We looked at various companies across the country and we went with VisionTrack”.

Across Copart’s 13 different vehicle sites, they have worked with new bodybuilders and different engineering resources to ensure each camera system has been fitted correctly. John Crawford, Business Development Manager at VisionTrack, said, “An implementation of this size takes a lot of planning and coordination […] we have to coordinate with Fred and the other area managers to make sure we’re going in at a time that suits them to get this type of fitting done.”

Copart’s entire camera solution includes a 170º wide-angled 1080p forward-facing camera, a high-definition in-vehicle monitor, left and right-side vehicle sensors, two side-view cameras, and two rear-view cameras with a Y-splitter that combines the footage into one solid picture, to aid drivers when reversing. This five-camera DVS system provides drivers with an overall advantage when manoeuvring and further assists with loading and unloading assets from the vehicle.