Keeping delivery drivers and goods in transit safe and secure

Video telematics keeps drivers and goods in transit safe and secure with access to live and recorded video. These solutions can incorporate a wide range of external and internal connected cameras, as well as in-cab monitors and panic alarms for added protection.

Courier & Delivery

Protect against fraudulent claims and keep drivers safe

With online retail continuing to flourish, there is a growing demand for home delivery and courier services. This fast-paced distribution sector has many challenges that come with operating in congested and highly populated urban areas.

Delivery drivers face a wide range of hazards that can result in costly vehicle damage while sharing busy roads with the public and other vulnerable road users. The fleet risks associated with making deliveries on time, in a safe and efficient manner, have never been greater.


Benefits of video telematics for courier & delivery operations

In the event of an incident, the driver can trigger a panic alarm, sending an instant notification back to the office or depot from the video telematics solution. At any time, it is also possible to stream live video footage from the vehicle as well as use two-way voice communication with the driver. The video is invaluable in the event of an insurance claim while reducing the cost and frequency of future claims.

Defend against false claims and bogus driving allegations.

Improve driver behavior using video and supporting vehicle data.

Live video footage on demand for added peace of mind.

Simplify investigations of road collisions, robberies, assaults and theft.

Reduce accident frequency and loss ratios, as well as resolve claims faster.

Courier & Delivery

Industry challenges

  • Collisions with cyclists and other road users due to rear, side, front and nearside blind spots.

  • Increased risk to vulnerable road users when operating in urban areas.

  • Difficulties maneuvering in tight spaces due to lack of driver visibility.

  • Increased levels of vehicle theft and goods being stolen.

  • Bogus insurance claims for vehicle or property damage.

By Vehicle Type

Meeting your fleet management needs

Our advanced video telematics solutions are ideal for any vehicle type, making the roads a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Whether you operate trucks, vans, cars, taxis, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches or garbage trucks, we are here to help.