sopp+sopp, the leading accident management company, has teamed up with video telematics specialist VisionTrack to launch an auto FNOL service for commercial fleets. Using
the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, the solution will help to
validate driver welfare, streamline claims handling and reduce insurance costs.

“Auto FNOL is going to play an important role moving forward, helping our fleet customers
to take control of the claims management process and support their duty of care
commitments,” explains Callum Langan, Commercial Director at sopp+sopp. “We will gain
faster, more accurate reporting, enabling us to reduce unreported incidents and safeguard
driver wellbeing. The technology will also achieve cost savings through improved third-party
capture rates and liability decision-making, including the evidence needed to challenge
alleged and fraudulent incidents.”

Auto FNOL will automatically generate a first notification of loss report in the event of a
collision detected by the commercial vehicle’s connected camera system. VisionTrack’s IoT platform has been integrated with sopp+sopp’s accident management
software, enabling the seamless transfer of data. The report will combine critical
information from both systems including time, location, g-force, impact speed, video
footage and vehicle details, as well as being overlayed with details such as weather and
traffic conditions. will enable precise incident detection and automated post analysis, without
the need for human intervention, to establish the severity of an event, remove false
positives and determine if any immediate action is required. This process will take
advantage of ground-breaking computer vision innovation as well as object recognition that
uses deep learning algorithms to train the IoT platform to automatically identify vehicles,
people, tailgating and crashes. With accuracy levels already exceeding 98.0%, it will be
possible to effectively detect, track and alert on collisions.

Richard Kent, Sales Director of VisionTrack commented: “No large fleet has the time and
resources to manually review every triggered event, so automated post analysis of uploaded
footage cuts through the noise to accurately determine when a collision has occurred. This
joint solution delivers high levels of accuracy and insight, creating an automated process
that will allow sopp+sopp to achieve and truly take advantage of auto-FNOL.”