Handsfree Group Secures Partnership with VisionTrack

Handsfree Group are delighted to announce the winning of a new contract which establishes a long-term partnership with VisionTrack, wherein all project management and field services will be outsourced to Handsfree Group. This signifies the commencement of an extensive collaboration, in which the new unified workforce provides Handsfree Group with one of the largest pools of telematics and CCTV engineers in the country.

VisionTrack CEO, Ben Pickard stated “Following a thorough appraisal of the market, Handsfree Group were selected for this new, long-standing partnership due to their world-class customer services, engineering ability, and likeminded company values.”

Handsfree Group CEO, Scott Cassell stated “A key element of this partnership is our two companies IT platforms. To provide outstanding customer service, it is imperative that system automation replaces manual workflow to improve speed, accuracy, and reduce manual labour. Handsfree Group and VisionTrack are mutually aligned in the use of software to improve customer outcomes.”

He went on to say, “We have been delighted to welcome onboard VisionTrack’s field services employees into the Handsfree Group family.”

Handsfree Group Sales Director, Michael Higginbottom stated “After working together closely over the last 18 months, in support of VisionTrack’s largest customer projects, we are delighted to formalise our partnership into a long-term agreement. This agreement enables VisionTrack to benefit from Handsfree Group’s impressive field services function, whilst in return Handsfree Group’s Connected AI Camera platform (Datalive) is now powered by VisionTrack’s Autonomise platform. This is a true partnership in every sense of the word, where each company contributes its strengths to the long-term success of the partnership.”