Emergency Services

The priority for emergency services is to respond to incidents quickly, safely and responsibly, whether this is to investigate a report of criminal activity or transport ill or injured patients. The high-speed journeys represent a significant risk to drivers, passengers and other road users, so it is critical to have complete visibility of what is taking place in and around an emergency vehicle.

Video telematics captures video, audio and other supporting vehicle data – such as vehicle speed and g-force – providing emergency services with the necessary insight historically and in real-time. Vehicle downtime and operational performance can be improved due to the ability to access and download video footage over the air. Panic buttons can also allow drivers and crews to raise an immediate alert regarding an incident or potential threat, while the control room can also live stream video from a vehicle so staff can be better protected.

Industry Challenges:

  • Collisions with other road users or pedestrians as a result of blind spots

  • High-speed vehicle response with risk of incidents resulting in fatalities or injuries

  • Growing threat of attacks against drivers and crews, as well as vehicle vandalism and theft

  • Rising complaints against emergency vehicles

Benefits of Video Telematics:

  • Better protect drivers and crews by deterring violence and threatening behaviour

  • Understand exactly what has happened in the event of a collision

  • Lessen the impact of personal injury claims

  • Reduce insurance costs and eliminate false claims

  • Improve driver behaviour and performance to heighten road safety

VisionTrack’s systems and products are compliant with the Direct Vision Standard, Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR), as well as having wide insurance industry approvals. Our industry-leading forward-facing camera, multi-camera and mobile DVR technology also carry FCC, CE, E-mark certifications.

VisionTrack’s video telematics solutions are suitable for all emergency services vehicles

Emergency Vehicles

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