Enables service companies to manage and protect staff

Using video telematics enables service companies to manage and protect staff in the event of a breach of procedure, driving incident or a panic alarm is activated.

In a climate of big data, vital information can be processed and distributed to allow businesses to meet SLAs and maximise efficiencies.

Service Sector

Gain real-time visibility and vital operational insight

Unexpected fleet incidents can have disastrous consequences for any service sector organisation, impacting on performance and putting lone workers at risk.

Video telematics provides the visibility and control needed to meet SLAs, while operating safely and efficiently. Using our Microsoft Azure-hosted, cloud-based IoT platform, companies can respond quickly to any issues and gain the insight needed to target continuous improvements.


Benefits of video telematics for service companies operations

Service companies have a duty of care responsibility to protect mobile employees when they are working remotely, especially in isolated or dangerous areas and locations. Office-based staff are alerted to any collisions, near misses and harsh driving events, while integrated panic alarms can be used to raise an immediate alert regarding an incident or threat.

Reduce collision and insurance costs.

Enhance driver behaviour to improve road safety and fuel efficiency.

Lone worker protection and added peace of mind that vulnerable staff are safe.

Defend against false claims and exaggerated driving allegations.

Lower accident frequency and loss ratios, as well as faster claims resolution.

Service Sector

Industry challenges

  • Meeting strict SLAs often for mission-critical environments.

  • Coordinating teams of lone workers operating across multiple sites.

  • The provision of highly responsive service in a safe and efficient manner.

  • Growing environmental pressures placing added demands on fleet operations.

By Vehicle Type

Meeting your fleet management needs

Our advanced video telematics solutions are ideal for any vehicle type, making the roads a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Whether you operate HGVs, vans, cars, taxis, emergency vehicles, buses, coaches or RCVs, we are here to help.