9 benefits of GPS vehicle tracking solutions you need to know

9 benefits of GPS vehicle tracking solutions you need to know
Companies that operate fleets of vehicles can now take advantage of vehicle tracking devices that enable them to monitor driver behavior and find new opportunities for boosting fleet efficiency. By using such solutions, fleet managers can track the locations and routes of their vehicles every single working day with the help of automated reports, mobile apps, and real-time alerts.
Managers get instant access to the current vehicle location but also driver behavior such as speeding, stops, idle time, or unnecessary use. Bringing real-time information and accurate records of driver behavior and vehicle activity together makes it easier to keep mobile workers accountable and entirely responsible for their actions.
If you’ve been considering to invest in a GPS tracking system for your company, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about the 9 essential benefits of vehicle tracking solutions for organizations like yours.

1. Real-time reporting

One of the essential features of quality vehicle tracking software is that it provides access to automated reports and advanced tools for better management of employees and assets that are in the field.
Fleet managers can use real-time location data to make adjustments and optimize their operations quickly. The automatically generated alerts allow managers to instantly correct speeding, misuse, or excessive idling.
Reducing these costly or risky behaviors helps organizations to lower fleet expenses and increase driver safety. Advanced tools also provide digital timesheets for an accurate account of hours together with location.

2. Alerts

High-quality vehicle tracking systems can be configured to send out automated alerts to managers when a specific behavior occurs – for example, harsh heartbreaking, speeding, an accident, or location spotted in an area where the vehicle isn’t supposed to be. Real-time alerts allow fleet managers to take action instantly and notify authorities in case of suspicious or dangerous behaviors.

3. Analytics

Vehicle tracking solutions bring organizations a wealth of data that managers can use to implement a genuinely data-driven decision-making process. All it takes is a quick glance at a dashboard to easily view and monitor KPIs like idle time, speeding, stop time, or mileage.
Dashboards help managers recognize and correct driver behaviors with optimization in mind. All in all, analytics dashboards make the company more cost efficient and boost the productivity of its employees.

4. Historical routes replay

The best thing about vehicle tracking systems is that they not only bring fleet managers real-time data but also contain insights from historical data. Quality solutions can provide organizations with playbacks of the exact route and speeds that the vehicle has traveled. There will be no questions about what happened on the way. Note that slower systems that take a longer time to gather data in-between updates may not provide you route replays with such accuracy.

5. Automated reporting

Fleet managers don’t need to sit in front of their computer for hours to compile a detailed and accurate report. Instead, all it takes is configuring the vehicle tracking software to automatically deliver any report you want at any time you prefer. It will all happen automatically.

6. Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is one of the most interesting features provided by quality vehicle tracking platforms. By using geo-fencing, you can create geo-areas and assign vehicles to them. Alerts or reports will tell you when fleet vehicles enter and exit the geo-area and see whether there’s any vehicle overlap.

7. Maintenance reminders

Another great advantage of vehicle tracking systems is that you can use them to schedule and record the maintenance of your fleet vehicles and then set reminders on the basis of mileage, engine hours, or time. These automated email reminders will ensure that you never miss another tire change, inspection, or oil change. As a result, your fleet will be in much better shape, and you will get a higher value out of it in case of resale.

8. Route optimization

GPS tracking systems analyze the current conditions on the road to propose the most beneficial routes. Fleet managers can use these insights to optimize their operations, reducing fuel consumption, and time required for vehicles to reach their destinations. All in all, vehicle tracking systems are essential if your company wants to optimize fleet usage.

9. Sustainability

You can improve your company sustainability not only by taking faster routes but also controlling driver behaviors such as harsh speeding. By showing that your company cares about the environment and does its best to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, you will gain the trust of your customers and motivate them to choose your service. Being green is a must these days, and taking a step toward sustainability can be a considerable branding gain.
Now that you know what the benefits of vehicle tracking systems are, you’re probably considering to implement such a solution for your company. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us. We have plenty of experience and can tell you which solutions match your business needs best.