6 tips on what to look for when buying a vehicle tracking tool

Today most smartphones are equipped with GPS, but the technology has undergone incredible advancements and found many different applications throughout different industries. Today, GPS doesn’t only serve for navigation of individual cars but can also ensure the safety of entire vehicle fleets.
One of the most common technological innovation companies use to take care of their fleets the vehicle is vehicle tracking systems that use GPS. Apart from gathering real-time data about the vehicle’s location, the tracking device also ensures vehicle safety and helps companies optimize their operations.
Are you looking for the right vehicle tracking system for your organization? You’re in the right place. Read this article to find out what to look for before investing in a vehicle tracking system for your company.

Offline tracking

One of the chief functionalities of vehicle tracking solutions in the live tracking of vehicles through the internet connection. But what happens when the vehicle isn’t connected to the internet anymore? Ideally, you should invest in a vehicle tracking system which can operate offline.
That way, you won’t lose any critical trip data. When planning to buy a GPS tracking device, check whether or not it supports offline connectivity. Does it log in the trip data even in the absence of an internet connection and allows tracking the vehicle through the local database? If the answer is yes, you’re looking at a quality vehicle tracking solution that could be a potential match for your company’s requirements.


Another critical factor you need to check when choosing the vehicle tracking device for your company is whether it’s compatible with your vehicles. Buying a device which is not compatible with your fleet is simply a waste of money.
So first, make sure that the GPS devices you plan to install inside your vehicles are compatible with the type and model of the vehicles in your fleet. That way, the device’s hardware, and the software will help you achieve the highest quality standards.
Check whether the device collects all the information promised and whether it is usable. You need to be able to implement all its functionalities quickly without any hassle. Onboarding and training employees may take time, so you want your device to be intuitive and straightforward.

Customer service

Technology providers usually provide their clients with easy access to quality customer service. That’s why at this point it’s a good idea to check whether your vendor has a dedicated customer service team available to serve you at all times. Be sure to ask whether the support teams work only during business hours or serve customers 24/7. This is an essential consideration because any system failure needs to be dealt with immediately to avoid potential problems. Pick a vendor who provides high-quality customer service to keep your fleet safe.

Alerts and notifications

Another critical feature of a vehicle tracking solution is whether or not it offers real-time alerts and notifications. They are an integral part of devices that enable active tracking of your vehicles.
Businesses in sectors like logistics and transportation that maintain fleet devices use them to get real-time alerts for different events such as breached geofences, hard braking or acceleration, and overspeeding. Fleet managers can make instant decisions to maintain top fleet safety, monitor drivers’ behavior, and prevent accidents.

Anti-theft feature

Another important thing you should be looking out for when choosing your vehicle tracking device is the anti-theft feature. Companies are increasingly concerned about vehicle safety and with a good reason. However, by equipping your fleet with a vehicle tracking system that offers anti-theft features, you can sleep safely.
If someone attempts to steal your vehicle, they will automatically trigger an alarm, allowing you to turn the ignition off with a simple tap of the button on your smartphone screen. Moreover, the live tracking feature allows the stolen vehicle to be recovered much quicker.
Most applications and device combinations generate alerts in case of emergency situations and send GPS coordinates and vehicle details to fleet managers. That’s why the anti-theft feature is a must-have.

User experience

Vehicle tracking solutions offer a host of features of different complexity. The system you choose should enable you to track vehicle location on maps easily, get real-time alerts, but also study and analyze the drivers’ behavior. That’s why you need to pick an app that offers an intuitive and straightforward user experience. At the same time, it needs to provide you with rich data about the vehicle. It’s a good idea to read the app’s reviews online before investing in it or ask the salesperson to demonstrate how it works.
Buying a vehicle tracking solution is a smart move for businesses that have fleets of vehicles. It helps to optimize fuel usage, monitor drivers behavior, and prevent accidents to help companies to save costs and boost their bottom line.
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