6 things to consider when choosing a vehicle tracking solution

So, you’ve done your homework and know that your company can benefit a lot from a vehicle tracking solution. All that’s left now is choosing the right GPS tracking system for your fleet. If you’re confused about what you should be looking out for and which features to take into account, here is a guide to help you pick the best vehicle tracking solution for your company.


Naturally, the idea behind implementing a GPS tracking solution is all the cost savings you get to benefit from once it’s up and running. How many resources you’ve got available at the moment is going to influence your decision about vehicle tracking software models. Consider that most vehicle tracking software doesn’t include service upon purchase, and the monthly cost may vary from 5 to $50.
Most of the time, the cost of the GPS tracker also has nothing to do with its accuracy. Just because a GPS tracker expensive doesn’t mean that it’s more powerful than the cheaper model, that’s why it’s critical that you first establish goals your vehicle tracking solution will need to help you achieve.


By having a clear goal for your vehicle tracking implementation, you will know what to take into account to get the best solution out of the service. What will be the most important activities you’ll be using it for? It is going to be optimizing fuel usage or monitoring driver behavior?
Review your needs to check which GPS tracking solutions include the features you need. Once you get specific with your requirements, you can start to identifying the functionalities that your solution needs to have so that it serves your purpose.

Availability of mobile application

You might think that a standalone mobile application that comes together with a vehicle tracking system is not necessary. But in reality, that type of application offers a host of useful features your business can benefit from.
For example, without a mobile application, you might not be able to create or view geo-fences, change account settings and track other vital metrics such as battery life. The vehicle tracking solution will be able to send you notifications which will be in displayed instantly on your smartphone, provided that you install the tracking app. Customizing location reports is another great advantage offered by mobile applications.

Customized alerts

One of the most essential benefits vehicle tracking software brings to organizations is the possibility of monitoring and correcting drivers’ behaviors. Fleet managers are instantly notified of any problems such as over speeding, harsh braking or acceleration. That way, they can react immediately and get in touch with the driver.
In case you want to protect your fleet from theft, customized alerts come in handy as well. When the device spots unusual behavior, it will send an alert to you, enabling you to notify the relevant authorities. That way, the vehicle tracking device serves for more than just tracking your vehicles. In fact, it helps you become a more reliable and trustworthy service provider who has full control over the fleet.


One of the most interesting advanced features of vehicle tracking systems is geo-fencing. Using the map provided in the solution, you can mark an area around a landmark to create a geo-fence. When a vehicle enters or leaves the area, you will be notified by email or text. That way, you can monitor the safety of your fleet and ensure that drivers don’t use your vehicles to run personal errands.

Analytics dashboards and historical reports

Finally, one of the essential features of GPS tracking systems is the availability of historical data reporting on the activity of your entire fleet. By using this data, managers can optimize their operations, plans better routes to avoid traffic jams or construction works, optimize fuel usage, monitor drivers’ behavior, and generally make data-driven strategic decisions for the company.
Real-time analytics, on the other hand, help fleet managers to ensure that drivers are meeting the company’s standards and making the best use of vehicles. By looking at the data displayed on the map in real time, fleet managers can make sure that company operations are streamlined and all the trips proceed according to plan.
Every company looking to optimize its operations needs to consider vehicle tracking software. That technology comes with many features and functionalities that help to streamline processes, save costs, reduce fuel consumption, and improve the carbon footprint.
Monitoring drivers’ behavior leads to another range of cost-saving benefits, from taking extra care of the vehicle maintenance to reducing the number of accidents. All in all, investing in vehicle tracking software is an excellent idea for a company that has a fleet of vehicles and wants to keep them in top shape.
Do you need more advice about choosing the best vehicle tracking software out there? Get in touch with our consultants; we help companies identify their unique requirements and find the best GPS tracking solution on the market.