3G FNOL Benefits Example: Markerstudy Insurance



Markerstudy Insurance – Case study

Markerstudy received camera footage from the VisionTrack telematics dashcam just after the incident occurred, showing the Insured travelling across a traffic light controlled junction on a ‘green’ light, with the Third Party vehicle travelling from the opposite direction, appearing to have jumped a ‘red’ filter light. The Third Party turned into the Insured’s correctly proceeding vehicle to cause the collision.

The Third Party Insurers were initially holding the Insured to blame and in addition Markerstudy also received three Personal Injury claims from the occupants of the Third Party vehicle. We immediately disclosed the footage and the Third Party Insurers admitted liability, within one month of the incident occurring.

As a result the Third Party reserves initially set at £16,206 have now been removed and the claim closed. The Insured’s solicitors have now confirmed 4 months post-incident that the Insured’s claim has been settled on a full liability basis by the Third Party Insurers.

Without the footage, it is likely Markerstudy would have incurred additional expense in instructing investigators to interview the Insured and potentially a locus report for the traffic light sequence, have had Third Party reserves pending for a longer period, may even have had to agree a split liability settlement or incur litigation costs. Furthermore the Insured’s customer experience would have been more complicated with ongoing questions over liability and delays in receiving compensation. Operationally, Markerstudy would have had more touch points with the claim having a much longer lifecycle.