We offer a number of commercially attractive options for our vehicle tracking, telematics and value-added reseller (VAR) partners

Hassle-free way of meeting customer requirements and demands, while continuing to focus on your core business activity.

We can provide you with sales, marketing, installation and technical support, allowing you to focus on sales and ongoing customer management.

A branded version of our powerful, award-winning IoT platform, so you can deliver your own video telematics solution.

Microsoft Azure hosted video content and optional telematics data integrated into your existing platform via API.

We offer a single sign on option that delivers a seamless video telematics experience alongside your system.

We can rapidly enable your existing telematics platform with video while keeping development time and costs to a minimum.

VisionTrack is working with a growing number of technology businesses in the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide:

Telematics Solutions Providers (TSPs)

We partner with many telematics solutions providers worldwide, meaning our software and products are integrated with the leading vehicle tracking systems.

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Value Added
Resellers (VARs)

We are helping Value Added Resellers to create and deploy video telematics solutions, adding additional features and services.

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Business Mobility

We work with some of leading mobility specialists to enhance their offering with advance video telematics capabilities to meet growing demand.

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Highest levels of service and support

The VisionTrack team provides consultative, industry-leading expertise and support. Our cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT platform also ensures optimal product performance by utilising the following technologies:

Latest high-definition telematics cameras (IoT, available up to 24 channels)

Device agnostic infrastructure for a wide range of DVR and connected camera solutions

Scalable cloud infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS)

REST API provides seamless integration into third-party system

Making the unknown known

Video telematics perfectly complements a traditional vehicle tracking system because it provides context that would not previously have been available. By adding undisputable video evidence of collisions, near misses and harsh driving events to your system’s driver performance and reporting capabilities will create a complete view of fleet customers’ vehicle operations.

Video telematics technology, integrated with or working alongside a vehicle tracking system, can quickly establish the root cause of an event within moments of an incident happening. A driver swerving due to poor driving by another road user or suddenly braking to avoid a pedestrian running out from behind a parked vehicle, would typically be logged as a harsh event. Only with video footage, can a fleet manager correctly identify if an incident was a positive driver action in response to an unexpected situation.

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Complementing your vehicle tracking

Video telematics can enhance your vehicle tracking offering, adding significant value and allowing your fleet customers to:

  • Understand the context and validate harsh driving events identified by their vehicle tracking system
  • Support targeted driver engagement and training using relevant footage of road incidents, so any initiative can be tailored to the exact needs of their staff
  • Challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability by viewing exactly what took place
  • Pinpoint at risk drivers and understand whether a weakness exists in their individual driving style and decide if any interventions should be taken

Multi-award winning IoT platform