Simon Marsh

Chief Executive Officer

Simon founded VisionTrack in 2014 and has been at the forefront of vehicle telematics and associated technologies for a number of years. He was previously Managing Director of SmartWitness and prior to this Founder and Managing Director of smart logistics company SMS, which specialised in supplying high-value automotive spares and temperature-monitored solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Simon first deployed in-vehicle camera technology in his own fleet in 2007.

Alexander Daniel Mee


Alexander is a Business Leader with over 25 years tenure in the vehicle Telematics industry. His senior management experience extends across customer operational environments, supply chain management, product management, R&D, marketing and commercial growth. Alexander previously held the position of Vice President of Operations for Teletrac Navman for 7 years before founding and heading up SkyLab Solutions in 2017, a highly successful and rapid growth start-up in the Telematics space acquired by VisionTrack in 2021. Alexander is educated through Harvard Business School in Business Analytics, Economics and Financial Accounting.

Mark Raymond

Chief Technology Officer

As Head of Product and a specialist in cybernetics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Mark is responsible for driving hardware and software innovation within the business. He was formerly Chief Technology Officer at connected car company Tantalum Corporation, having previously spent almost nine years in engineering and product management roles. Mark heads up an extensive development team that is tasked with the development of the latest collision warning, fleet safety and video analytics solutions. He has also created VisionTrack’s innovation roadmap for next-generation video telematics hardware and IoT firmware operating systems.

Katie Witman

VP of Operations

Katie is a results-oriented Operations Executive with more than 20 years’ experience in the telematics industry. In 2017, Katie joined telematics start-up SkyLab Solutions, at inception, where she developed and managed all operational functions, creating the backbone required to support rapid growth, leading to the successful acquisition of the business in 2021.

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