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5 Channel Mobile Digital Recorder Package

5 Channel MDVR

IP69K Rear View Camera

IP69K Side Camera

Forward Facing Camera

Touchscreen Monitor

5 Channel Package Overview

Our 5 channel vehicle package allows commercial vehicle owners to effectively reduce risk by decreasing collateral damages associated with road incidents, encouraging safer driving and monitoring driver behaviour.

It features 4 x WD1 channels plus 1 x IP channel in 720p, GPS tracking, anti-vibration technology and complete data recovery. It also comes with 2 x IP69K side cameras, 1 x IP69K rear view camera, 1 x forward facing camera, and a touch screen monitor.

If you would like to purchase our 5 channel package please contact us on 0800-051-9396.

Our multi-channel mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) has a high-speed processor and in-built operating system and is specifically designed for vehicle video surveillance.

It has the ability to record in multiple formats, including 720p, WD1, HD1 and CIF, and comes coupled with powerful, H.264 video compression and GPS positioning technology. It is a powerful and reliable MDVR, with local playback and analysis and flexible installation and is very easy to maintain.

  • Cash for Crash/Pre-meditated staged incidents
  • False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims
  • Conflicting Reports of Actual Events
  • Lack of Witnesses
  • Driving Offence Allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal Violations etc...)
  • 4 WD1 channels + 1 IP channel in 720p.
  • Dual SD cards for primary recording.
  • GPS for location tracking.
  • Supports WIFI to enable video download.
  • 360° anti-vibration.
  • Optional 3G/4G for live view and remote monitoring.
  • USB 2.0 high-speed backup.
  • Complete data recovery technology.

Eliminate Blind Spots