Road and driver risk detection with AI vehicle cameras

Our AI-powered fleet dashcams and mobile DVRs continuously analyse road conditions and driver performance to detect potential hazards and distractions. In-cab notifications alert the driver to dangers ahead or in their behaviour, while an office-based fleet manager can monitor areas of concern both in real-time and historically.

AI-powered video telematics

We have a range of intelligent video telematics solutions, using advanced AI algorithms, that are proven to improve driver performance and ultimately save lives. Whatever your fleet size, type and operation, we have an AI-powered vehicle camera and safety system suitable for you.


VT3000-AI combines a next generation 4G vehicle camera with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The three-channel device has been developed for commercial vehicle operations and includes an optional cab, side, rear or cargo facing camera.

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VT3500-AI is the most sophisticated AI-powered 4G dashcam, with built-in driver facing camera and panic alarm. The four-channel device supports two additional cameras and a monitor, providing a highly effective fleet risk management solution.

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