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For the first time in history, insurers can capture more information than they are currently capable of processing or using

Our IoT platform absorbs large quantities of data and presents it in a clear, understandable format – giving greater insight to Insurers' risk profiles.

VisionTrack’s ambition was to build a platform that creates a series of digital insurance underwriting tools that give a better insight to the risk insured.

After reviewing the technology stacks available in the market; we made a decision to create a true cloud-based, device agnostic and scalable video IoT platform, designed to communicate with any connected devices.

This cutting-edge technology provides the ultimate in vehicle telematics:

  • Collision warning – driver feedback and scoring
  • FNOL with video within minutes of the incident
  • Machine learning & Ai

Our platform enables motor insurers to monitor customer driving behaviour in near-real time, with video for high risk policies. This gives insurers new insights and the means to manage exposed risks by encouraging safer driving, in turn reducing claims costs.

Our platform is built based on world-beating technology ensuring we are market leaders in the industry and can adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Most telematics platforms were built using last-generation technology, so cannot compete with the sheer volume of data VisionTrack’s platform is able to handle.

With our platform and the considerable reduction in machine-to-machine data transmission costs, data-capturing devices can be significantly simplified and be used in greater numbers, as the processing is done via the platform and not by the device. Access to the data generated allows insurers to tailor products and pricing, with opportunities for cross-selling of services.

The VisionTrack platform has been designed to create a white label solution for insurers/brokers and fleets.

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VisionTrack‘s platform and methodology
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Telematics User Interface

See a complete overview of your fleet

Get instant FNOL reports on desktop or mobile

Configure alarms and email alerts for speeding and G-force

Customised dashboard reports to manage your fleet

See live footage of incidents as they happen

Improve driver behaviour with real-time reports

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